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The Early Days

Our founding brewer, Robert “Lem” Lemery, was initially drawn to homebrewing because of the camaraderie and socialization…and the sharing of the final product. Soon he learned that he had a knack for, and thoroughly enjoyed, the process. It didn’t hurt that his recipes made delicious beer. He began an internship at a small brewery, Cricket Hill, in his home state of New Jersey before taking a job at Brooklyn Brewery as a packaging tech and cellarman. Through five years at Brooklyn Brewery he worked up to head cellarman and brewer. He was given the opportunity to create and develop recipes and improve on brewing and operating techniques.

Loading new tanks in the brewery
The new brewing tanks with the logo

Big things are brewing

But the mountains were calling…and Lem was offered a role as a brewer at the Wicked Weed pub in downtown Asheville. He was soon promoted to head brewer and spent nearly 3 years writing and developing recipes for the pub as well as the pilot programs for widespread brand releases. The work at Wicked Weed was incredibly fulfilling but the ultimate end goal was always to open a small taproom brewery of his own and it was time to embark on that journey. He left in November of 2019, visited the property and stonecutter shop in March of 2020, and the plans to renovate that site and build a brewery there were immediately put into motion.

The Future is RAD

It is unknown what kept the brewery from opening sooner…but we’re grateful to be a part of the River Arts District community and look forward to serving you for years to come.

The new brewing tanks with the logo